Just a mile along from Hunstanton, Heacham is largely residential but has some hidden gems worth visiting.

Don’t miss

Exploring what Norfolk Lavender and the surrounding businesses have to offer. Take away from Silk Road Chinese restaurant. Lavender in full bloom from mid June to late August. Wearing the kids out at Farmer Fred’s Play Barn. Grabbing a bag of local goodies from Walsingham Farms Shop at Norfolk Lavender. Sunset walks on Heacham Beach.


Perfect beach for

Catching beautiful sunsets. Being one of only a few beaches on the east coast where the sun sets directly over the sea.

Did you know?

Heacham has ties to Pocahontas. She married Heacham native John Rolfe in 1614 in Virginia, USA. Rolfe took his wife, Pocahontas to visit his family at Heacham Hall in 1616.

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