My Norfolk – Harry Cory Wright

Harry is a photographer working with a large format field camera and 10×8 inch negative film. Using a single and very standard 240mm medium wide angle lens he explores our fundamental attraction to place, and the very physical process of being in landscape. Harry lives with his family in Burnham Market.

Favourite shop

Gurneys. Nice people.

Favourite eatery

Harbour Bar at Jolly Sailors. Can’t really eat though cos you are always talking too much.

Favourite walk

Sea wall between Deepdale and Norton. Mixture of total emptiness that strangely gives one the feeling of being at the centre of one’s own universe.

Favourite beach

Brancaster. Somehow feels more ‘within’ than Holkham that always feels as if it bows outwards. Brancaster beach feels like it is part of a bay and I like that.

Favourite season

Late May and the expectation of the transition from spring to summer. Everything wired up.

Favourite memory

Hiding in Marram grass.

Reason to visit

Sky, a sense of space and the feeling of being as much a part of Scandinavia as anywhere else.

Best of all

I like being part of a place that is in constant change;
both landscape and socially.


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