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Samuel Thomas Art, Cromer

Samuel Thomas is an artist based in Cromer. We caught up with him to find out more about his art and where it can be bought.

Can you tell us a little bit about Samuel Thomas Art?

I am a Norfolk based artist and I create large statement original paintings and signed limited edition prints inspired by Norfolk surroundings that radiate with optimism, hope, and joy. The main reason that spurs me on to create my paintings is to share my vision with the world, and that vision is this; ‘There is so much joy and freedom surrounding us in our lives – sometimes we just need reminding of it’. Collectors of my artwork come from far and wide, as far as the USA and Australia. My artworks are available to purchase from my online shop and I also hold exhibitions through Norfolk based art galleries.

What gave you the inspiration for your work?

I wanted to capture the spirit & soul of the North Norfolk surroundings in a fresh and vibrant manner to celebrate this place. I see so many tourists and locals enjoying their time in North Norfolk making the most of the surroundings, and so I wanted to capture the landscape through that perspective, one bursting with optimism, energy, and vibrancy. Escapism from our ‘everyday routine’ is something we all long for and need from time to time, and that element of escapism is captured within my artworks that are designed to lift people’s spirits.

What makes Samuel Thomas Art unique?

I pride myself on being a self-taught artist where I haven’t been ‘formally taught’, I simply paint in a way that comes naturally to me, and what I express is my true vision of the world. For this reason, the artwork that I produce is distinctive and unique to me. I have established a unique and distinctive style that is still evolving every year. My paintings are contemporary yet timeless due to an eclectic mix of styles providing the inspiration. Some of my artworks are radically stylised and geometric, whereas some are softer and more textural and more in touch with reality; but that same feeling of ‘looking forward’ always remains.

What do you love most about what you do?

I enjoy being able to share my vision of the world including Norfolk landscape with other people. I feel fired up when I craft a quick sketch, and I get a huge buzz once I complete an original painting. The way I see the surrounding landscape is often very different to how other people see it but when I capture it, I think I allow for a shift in people’s perspectives; reminding people of all the joy and freedom that surrounds us.

Where would you recommend for customers to grab a coffee nearby?

As I am an online shop, you have the opportunity to browse my artworks wherever you may find yourself. However, if you are in Cromer then you can see my artwork at the Garden House Gallery, 31 Garden Street, Cromer. After visiting this gallery, I would recommend you head straight down to the beach and take a long coastal walk from Cromer to Overstrand along the beach and then back along the cliffs. Once you arrive back in Cromer you can then enjoy some iconic Fish & Chips.

What is your favourite thing to do in North Norfolk on your day off?

On my day off I enjoy going out on a long cycle, with Norfolk being so flat it’s ideal for taking off on your mountain bike or road bike. I always find exercise is a great way to clear my head but to also gain new inspiration seeing as the Norfolk scenery is so appealing as an artist.

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