North Norfolk Winter

Just because the sun and warm weather can disappear at the end of Summer it doesn’t mean you have to. When it’s time to add that extra layer, it’s time to explore, because the main tourist season may have passed, but the life still continues through Autumn and Winter.

There is nothing better than wrapping up and heading out for a brisk walk. Even in the most extreme of weather, North Norfolk is still as beautiful as ever. It’s also an ideal chance to take advantage of some great deals at local hotels and restaurants as they discount their rate to off-peak. You’ll also get the chance to experience some of our autumn and winter seasonal produce.

Don’t miss

Thursford Christmas Spectacular A popular show blending Christmas entertainment, carols, dancers, music and song from a cast of over hundred. For details call 01328 878477.
Come the autumn you will find mussels springing up on menus all along the coastline, caught by local fishermen, from beds along the North Norfolk coast. Traditionally cooked in white wine, cream and parsley.Peaceful walks along the beach. It’s a great time of year to get out and fill your lungs with fresh sea air. You can’t beat a good crisp, clear day to stroll at your leisure…maybe followed by a warm retreat A pint and Sunday lunch by the fire in the local.
Snowdrop season at Walsingham Abbey. Usually around late January and February, the Abbey grounds are carpeted with large swathes of beautiful snowdrops, producing a breathtaking and unequalled display.
Thousands of geese overhead. Once the nights roll in, then so do the geese in their thousands as they move from grazing spots up and down the coast. Get your cameras ready– the folks at home will never believe you. It’s one of the most evocative sights (and sounds!) Of the Norfolk Winter.